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're live in ohio where mitt romney and paul ryan are kicking off with the real recovery road rally. they'll be joined tonight by their wives. the romney ryan tour will cover eleven states florida iowa michigan north carolina new hampshire virginia and wisconsin. and of course the tour is kicking off here in ohio. live road to the white house coverage here on c-span. >> ladies and gentlemen from the great stated of ohio lieutenant governor mayor -- mary taylor. >> four more days. are we ready to do everything we can in ohio to elect mitt romney and paul ryan the next president and vice president of the united states? as always a great crowd in ohio. this is outstanding. i've done a lot of campaign rallies over the past couple of weeks and i've decided i've boiled my reasons for supporting mitt romney and paul ryan down to three reasons. the first, president obama comes to ohio and likes to take credit for getting our state back on track. but we know that's not true. it's the work that the governor and i have done with all of you to balance our budget and get our state back on track. we di
let me tell you what we're doing in mow hoe is what mitt romney is going to do in washington and get this country back on track again. [applause] it's really faith ladies and gentlemen and boys and girls, and by the way i've never seen so many young people at campaign rallies. and i'll tell you what i think it's all about. we as americans recognize we have two paths to choose. we've seen what the last four years gives us and it gives us more government that's inefficient and doesn't work very well. it gives us the possibility of even higher taxes. and there's a lot of reasons i hate higher taxes, the biggest reason is i know where that money goes in that city and it's time to clean it up down there. the last thing we need is higher taxes and regulators. instead of embracing the people that give people opportunity for jobs, they pound on us, they pound on small business people and stunt our growth. but we have another choice here tonight. and that's why there is so many people here tonight. you know it's about that american dream. you know government is not the answer. government is t
and it will be determined whether the president has another four-year lease on the white house or whether mitt romney begin it is transition. the numbers tell the story from the polls this election is a dead heat. turn out will determine who wins and the fight for the battleground states continues. later tonight we'll have live coverage of the candidates in iowa and new hampshire. we did learn from the romney campaign two stops have been scheduled for tomorrow one in ohio. the president will p spend the night in chicago in his own home. he has no appearance ps for tomorrow before he travels for a victory or concession speech. we will have that as all of our coverage tomorrow. first from the campaigns some new web videos released earlier in the day. >> the romney campaign has put up an ad that is false. >> your campaign started running an ad in ohio this week which implies that jeep is shipping u.s. jobs to china when they're just expanding their operationes to china but they're not shipping u.s. jobsover seas. >> i don't like that particular ad. >> the g.m.s smokes man said this is not what is going on. >>
. host: i want to get your thoughts on that ad from the mitt romney campaign that says president obama sold chrysler to italians that are going to build jeeps in china. a lot of push back from the obama campaign. the ad was dismissed by our last guest. i want to get your thoughts. guest: chrysler has admitted they are going to open a plant in china. they are going to manufacture jeeps in italy they are going to ship to china. why are we not manufacturing them in ohio? i think that is the issue that mitt romney, governor romney, was attempting to promote. the fact of the matter is that we have a substantial loss of automobile manufacturing jobs in ohio between 2008 when the 2011. we have not recovered some of those jobs. some of those jobs, we have recovered. to say that chrysler is not going to be producing jeeps in china is incorrect, because they have admitted that they are going to open a plant in china. they are in the process of doing the right now. >> you think governor romney could have done a better job in how he presented that ad? it has gotten a lot of a pushcart. vice-presid
state university. tonight mitt romney and paul ryan will be joined by their wives on the campaign trail, in westchester, ohio. also joining them is condoleezza rice and senator john mccain. that is at 7:30 on c-span. the amount we have to create an environment that our small businesses can thrive. when we look at the uniqueness on the border different from the reform metered -- needed, we need comprehensive immigration reform. we have a work force problem because of our immigration system is broken. we cannot get workers to go back and forth. these problems create an impediment to commerce. we have to provide a workforce that can move back and forth easily, and now we cannot do that because of the impediments that are there by not having an effective immigration policy. that becomes an economic issue. >> some of the issues have to do with what was raised here with regard to be near the border, seasonal work that comes on, and being susceptible to a national trend when it comes to the economy. we need to do things desperately yuma. yuma, one thing we have to avoid is the sequestration th
the race and put romney back with and range. obama was able to stabilize at the end. but romney presented himself as an acceptable alternative. romney was able to walk over the threshold. in the end, he never addressed the demographic challenge. and the third debate he went back on some of the language. he talked about amnesty and deportation and basically ensured that number among hispanics. barack obama increased its share of votes among hispanics. that is a statement more about the republican party than the democratic party. >> that is not two waves. one was out of the democratic convention. that was a surge for the democrats. the second was a chance for the challenger to put himself on the stage. i think people were talking about romney's momentum. he got back in the race. he got stuck at a point where he could not go any further. >> let's go to this part of the room. let's go here. >> u.s. news and world report. it seems the coalition was unable biunique elements of this election. he have the bain background. how will they try to recreate the coalition? >> great question. a year ago,
, some moderate republicans, some neo- conservatives, some people who were advisers to governor romney, that they do think that president obama got a mandate and suggest the republicans make major concessions. to what extent in your conversation with house republicans, to what extent this feeling is kind of common among rank and file members? >> the cheerful news from the taxpayer perspective is that the republicans are not at all spooked or distraught. a lot of people thought looking ahead a year ago, six months ago, that we would like the republican president and senate. the sense of unhappiness republicans had was from the stock market in go up -- not that you lost your life savings -- you end up with the status quo when we thought we were on a trend and were going to get the presidency and the senate. so, that was disappointing. you had people unhappy. it is a little hard to argue that the modern republican party running on a fundamental reform of entitlement that which all the establishment people of washington said are for -- but when republicans pass a budget that does it they s
romney wants to do. that ought to make you worried. on the other hand, we have learned a lot about what congressman ryan wants to do, and that ought to make you scared. we keep hearing arguments about democrats, barack obama in particular, but democrats are european-style social was intent on destroying the accumulation of wealth in america. that is hard to figure out. if you look at what has happened since this recession, the stock market has doubled. that does not sound like socialism to me. we are on the way back. our working people are still struggling. the people at the top have continued to separate themselves from the rest of our society, but the stock market has doubled. do not tell me we are on the way down. we are on the way up. i want everybody who is working people in this country to be carried a long way. that is the difference between our parties. when i decided almost two years ago i would not run for reelection in the senate, one of the first calls i made was to team cain regents -- was to tim cain. i have come to know him. i have come to value his integrity. i have come
satellite corp. 2012] >> president obama and republican mitt romney will be focused on ohio today, one day before election day. it will both be in columbus. president obama will start the day keeping me in madison, wisconsin. -- it will both be in columbus. mr. romney has four campaign stops today. manchester, new hampshire tonight. we are pleased to cover his million shares bought. c-span asked reporters and political analyst what they're watching for on election night, both on the national and state level. here is what they had to say. >> you always watched the first votes that, in. it varies from year to year. i have done this for decades and i care to remind you of. they come in different places. you have to know the history, county, to interpret the results. once we get a sizable lover of boats and, i will look at the critical counties in north virginia. i will look up to chesterfield, richmond area. does it get over 40? got 45 percent last time. i am for it to look to virginia beach, which as virginia's largest city in population. fairfax is the largest county, but repeated it -- but
is more republican than it used to be. that's why before the election republicans were saying mitt romney was winning the independents he's going to win, that wasn't the case because the independents are already a republican group. host: from the 2008 elections when obama won 52% to john mcwane's 44% of those who identified themselves as independents. these candidates were trying to reach those independents out there but you're saying not all the independents are truly independents? guest: when people identify as independent they mean a lot of different things. some people mean i go back and forth, that's one group. other people mean i kstly vote for one party or the other but i don't think of myself as a member of that party. and so you really have to distinguish between how people identify themselves which is one thing and how people vote which is not necessarily the same thing. host: a couple of calls for you on the democratic line. caller: good morning. i just want to comment on the latino vote. i know you had a guest before and we could relate on. this a couple of points basically. h
issue once again to the center of american politics. gov. mitt romney received a small percentage of latino and asian voters, much less than george w. bush received, it is often noted. many said that his views on immigration and conservatism's approach to immigration generally were to blame for the gop's poor showing this time around. romney tried to appeal in some respects to all conservative factions on immigration. he repeatedly said that he was in favor of more legal immigration, emphasizing legal, but particularly during the primary season, he took a harder line on the question of illegal immigration. what we at aei have decided to do is convene a thoughtful panel of folks to discuss this service at immigration reform. this the american enterprise institute for public policy research, not the institute ofor figuring out how to get conservatives or republicans elected. we are interested in finding the right solutions to public policy problems and issues, and immigration is no different. i asked our panelists that while the temptation in the present moment will be to talk solel
to preview and draw redlines from here today. >> the president reaching out to governor romney, he said he wanted to meet with them. >> i do not have an update on that for you. the president is interested in having a meeting, but i do not have an update for you. >> [indiscernible] >> what i can tell you is that the department of justice has said that they are reviewing those ballot initiatives and i will direct you to them for updates. >> [inaudible] there was also a discussion on if the president would be interested in having a cabinet. can you talk about that? >> again, i have no statements to make about personnel matters. i can simply say, as you know, the president and the governor are good friends. they have meals frequently over the past several years, what i was fortunate enough to participate in, i am sure they're looking forward to catching up. have any moret information about that. >> he thinks the debt limit should be -- >> i will not get into specifics about what the congressional leaders and the president will be discussing next week. what the negotiations going forward will l
hard for the campaign. as somebody who thought mitt romney would win big time and am now taking a lot of flak from all of my liberal friends and family, i would like, imichael whether he could share some of his reasoning why he thought this brilliant man thought mitt romney would win handily. >> could the panel comment on what effect this will have on the supreme court appointments that will come up in the next four years? >> the economy might be recovering. if the recovery is not complete or if growth is tepid and slow and jobs do not come back by the time of the next presidential campaign, how will that affect the types of policies that candidates will propose? different solutions and how people might change electorally. >> i think given polling data and the uncertainty of it these days, i think there were a lot of reasonable predictions you could have made from getting barack obama to 332 would have been a reasonable prediction. getting over 304 mitt romney was within the realm of possibilities, or a reasonable person could conclude. there are lots of issues in polling now that car
. if you look at the tax return mitt romney release, a big part of the way he was amused relating things to lower his tax liability was -- a big part of the way he was manipulating keys to lower his tax liability was the ira. >> it is the base that matters. that is where you get the important tax policy decisions. this is a broader base than we have right now. most of what we do is to subsidize consumption through the tax code. with a broader base, you can raise a lot of revenue. the race too much in mind opinion. his taxes people on what they take out of the economy. it does not tax them on what they contribute. >> hours is a consumption tax on income as well. -- our is a consumption based tax on income as well. we do not tax people for what they put into the economy. we incentivize them to save. that applies to whether you are mitt romney or somebody who is just starting out. that is important. >> i think that a progressive consumption tax could work and we could move very eventually. there is this problem. you have to start from where you are. we have been with an income tax for a lon
by someone like mitt romney was as we are entitled. i am ashamed of having to accept public assistance, but i don't have a choice because i'm not able to work. guest: we have to recognize a significant majority of americans pay more in payroll taxes than they do in income taxes. the challenge is those payroll taxes were earmarked for social security and medicare and they don't generate adequate revenues to be able to live on the promises that have been made under those programs. those programs are geared to provide more benefits for the less well-off than the well-off people. ultimately, we will have to go back and rationalize our promises, recognize the difference between universal opportunity and universal subsidy, focus on broadbased societal needs rather than unlimited individual wants, and do it in a way that is pro- growth, does not include the prime rate, and provides a safe, sustainable social security net. host: the move into the office in 1998 and served 10 years. did you see a lot of this coming? guest: i did, but in 1998 when i came in we had a surplus. been in 2000 we actually ha
was surprised that 30% of hispanics voted for mitt romney, because of how he portrayed immigrants. so, we get back. then we have the interview that barack obama gave right before the election, where he said that immigration was essentially his top priority after they saw the budget crisis. host: we can read a little bit of that as well. guest: i was shocked when i saw it. it was amusing, because first it was off the record, then it was on the record. if this is your top priority? health care was his top priority in his first term and you saw how you stack up. i covered the immigration bill going to the senate in 2006- 2007, and it was bigger than i could have ever imagined. it turned into this massive conversation that was emotional and complicated. i thought, wow, that is a big issue. host: what barack obama said in that off the record phone call was that the second thing he was confident would get done next year was immigration reform and that he would be very blunt -- "the big reason i will win a second term is because the republican party has so alienated the fastest-growing demographic g
or less evangelical christians. they are not excited about mitt romney. he does not energized them. we will see what turnout looks like a northwest iowa. those areas, it is very heavy and what cities, that is good news for democrats. we're watching turn out there. the central part of this date, state, des moines. democrats have to come out with the 10,000 plus plurality in poll county, the democratic part of the state. we will see the margin that barack obama has here. tonight, >> what election coverage on c-span with president obama from his headquarters in chicago and mitt romney from his headquarters in boston. victory in concession speeches from across the country. throughout the fight, your reaction. live coverage starts at 8:00 eastern on c-span, c-span radio, and that's find out it's a. the balance of power in congress our guest is greg g irk roux, politics reporter for bloomberg news. and at 8:30, we'll be
was the high point of this presidential campaign? without exception, the first debate between romney and obama. it's the one time we actually contested ideas, presented two viewpoints and directions for the one. and ininvestablely there are the mandarins in politics who give the voice, don't rock the boat. by the third debate, i'm pretty certain that mitt romney actually french kissed barack obama that night. [laughter] >> and there say focus group somewhere of undecided ohio voters who lived in a cave for the last 30 years who decided they liked that. don't show any disagreement whatever with the president, don't rock the boat. just be a nice guy and have a personality contest because those turn out so well for us. our ideas work. our ideas don't work. even that first debate, i mean how striking was when mitt romney actually pressed obama his response was, well, under bill clinton there was great economic prosperity. the whole answer of obama is about bill clinton and now nifty the economy was under him. i got to tell you i would have given a limb to see mitt romney turn to the president and
'm not sure we will get to that discussion. governor romney, a proposal made during the primary which nobody paid attention to, was doing away with quotas for the immediate relatives of permanent residents. that perhaps is an interesting approach to facilitate legal immigration, family. we have to consider increasing number of green cards to facilitate more legal migration and allow people to be here permanently. >> it also comes down to -- the fed's not being effective in running a guest worker background check, but we also need to look at how the states handle it. we have a driver's license departments all over texas. we have the facilities and means to be able to do this. the states or it's a lot better than this town works. go home for thanksgiving and stay a week. you, pierre and it gets gridlock. it is not just it about getting cheap--labor. you come up here and it gets gridlocked. we need to make sure we have this discussion and start with solutions versus the rhetoric. >> i think we may have just witnessed a first, which is somebody at aei holding up the dmv as a form of efficient go
. the romney transition team has been working on this for months and i am sure they are ready for it. the obama administration is ready to fill vacancies. this will have rebels all the way down the hierarchy. what i would like to discuss tonight is how we got from where we are, the politics of patronage, the challenges of recruiting political appointees , how the system results in major delays and managerial destructions and how it undermines presidential leadership and good management. and finally, possible remedies for reforming the system. why do we get mad at government incompetence? because we expect a competent and effective bureaucracy. you create bureaucracies that hire competent workers that bring specialization, expertise, accountability, and continuity. there is no alternative in large-scale systems to organize great amounts of people to accomplish a goal or mission. this is not the way the united states began. it took about a century to figure it out and half a century to implement. the spoils system of the nineteenth century, there has been a constant tension between partisan contr
because of massachusetts. asked governor romney. same problem. even ohio. for the country, it is not quite settled on this issue. it would be smart for the court -- it' s dumb or doma. the title of an article. doma is a profoundly stupid statute and it creates lots of dysfunctions and problems and headaches just to administer. it was passed in an hysterical fit. those are not constitutional arguments. the problem for justice ginsburg and justice kennedy is take that intuition and then somehow [unintelligible] it. rohmer can be read for almost anything or nothing, depending on what you want to do with it. that is what i think the boston university opinion is such a good one. it is highly respectful of all the stuff the supreme court is interested in. its route itself and all these great supreme court decisions. -- it shrouds itself in all these great supreme court decisions. the mayor going to strike it down because we think -- the best thing that has ever been written by supreme court justice is justice thurgood marshall's opinion in the rodriguez. 1973 or thereabout, the school funding ca
" recently. he was an adviser to mitt romney and he wrote about the two chinas or two ages. he says there is a dr. jekyll or mr. hyde that is evolving. the dr. jekyll, the nicer of the two, is the economic asia and mr. hyde is the strategic asia. on the economic side, everyone is investing in each other, $90 million including asia. but if you look at strategically, of border disputes, historical disagreements come easy real impact. india has its own problems in the region, your own border disputes. do you look at this as something you want to be deeply engaged in or do you look at this as something india can ride along and freeload let america and canada and japan handle? >> your question -- >> i meant free ride, not freeload. >> that is how the chinese would describe it relationship between japan and america. the interesting aspect of all these countries is as india and china -- we have been proximate geographically but we have never been neighbors. in order to be neighbors, you have to either love each other or hate each other. we have done neither. in fact, in 1962, the first str
: good morning. i was wondering a couple of things. the other day i did a little bit of math. mitt romney makes $20 million a year without having a day job. if that was the average working person in america who whould work 50 weeks a year in a 40- hour week, that would be 2000 hours. i did a little bit of division and figured out mitt romney makes about $10,000 an hour. i think he could probably afford to pay a little more. secondly, i am glad you are a tea party nominee. i can bet you have lost two elections. now, keep it up. guest: what you need to do is you need to incentivize people to put their capital at risk. it is very easy to say they can afford to pay it. i want to go back to the basic fact that if you are running a business and out of $100 of income, if i am able to keep $60 of that versus $50, i will be able to reinvest that. very few business are taking money out. they are reinvesting in it and increase in wages and paying for health care. when you reduce at the margins the ability to reinvest, you are going to harm economic growth. it is a sad part in our history where we ha
. >> what about the candidates and the leaders of your party? romney that it opens the door to higher taxes and cuts in defense cuts. -- and puts in defense cuts. >> i have a big job here and those running for president have their own aspirations. we will solve this debt crisis and give the american people back to work. >> that is from 16 months ago, what led to the curr >> that is from 16 months ago. obama has a second term makeover for the economic team. they will sit down as chairman of the securities and exchange commission not to tender 14. the number of the commission. the secretary is now leading the administration to prevent the spending cuts and tax hikes. we only hear from democratic minority leader nancy pelosi and other democrats following the vote in august of 2011. she focuses on jobs and the economy. >> good afternoon. we just completed a very lively membership meeting with the necessity of democrats to save the day pulling the country back from default. it was a bitter pill for us to swallow, and we saved medicare, medicaid, and social security. yesterday, we crossed a bridg
that somebody could claim. this is an idea mitt romney had on the campaign, this idea that you cap the value at $30,000, say. if you live in an area with low housing prices, that probably would not affect you. if you live at new york, san francisco where your mortgage is more expensive, it would be easier to bump up against what the deduction cap would be. you might not be itemizing your tax returns at the end of every year. host: next call is mike on the democrat's line. are you there? caller: i have a question for you. i heard president obama is making cuts to medicare if his plan goes through. he wants to cut $400 billion in entitlements. i collect ssdi. i am disabled. these $40 billion cuts in entitlements, are they going to affect ssi, ssdi? guest: we do not know what the administration is talking about yet. that offer came from the administration on the hill yesterday. it was not specific. $400 billion is what we are looking at in entitlement savings and we're not sure if it is ssdi or how beneficiaries would be affected. host: children make up a lot of these credits. which of these ar
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